National Incubator and Accelerator Network

A network that connects and enables more than 150 Portuguese incubators and accelerators distributed throughout the country, becoming a decisive factor for the success rate of innovative ideas and startups.

What is it?

The National Network of Incubators identifies, maps, and interconnects existing incubators and accelerators in the country, created at the initiative of universities, scientific and technological centers, by municipalities, private companies, or foreign entities. Its role is to promote cooperation and the sharing of resources and knowledge within the network, in order to improve the resources and services available to entrepreneurs and incubated companies.

Incubators and accelerators help startups develop their ideas and their businesses by providing mentoring, strategic guidance, training, R&D, partnerships, networking, and financing services. For an early-stage startup having access to incubation can be the success factor.


Depending on which stage of development a startup is, it should seek the support services of an incubator, an accelerator, or other support programs.

Public or private organizations that provide relatively long-term, structured, or customized support for startups at an early stage.

The national network of Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH) provides incubation services. Find out more here.

Public or private organizations that provide an intensive, structured, and short-term program that induces rapid growth in startups.

It includes several types of initiatives to support entrepreneurs. These can be short-term programs (ranging from two days to a week), offering more strategic support and including competitions, boot camps, events, seminars, and workshops. Or public incentives to support startups, as well as political measures to encourage entrepreneurship.

types of support for startups

Estágios de uma start-up: No estágio de pree-seed and seed (fase embrionária e semente) a start up pode contar com programas de apoio durante todo o processo; e, a meio do estágio de pree-seed and seed, passa a poder contar com o apoio de incubadoras. No early stage (fase inicial) a start up pode contar com programas de apoio numa primeira fase; pode também contar com o apoio de incubadoras quase até ao fim do processo; e, já a meio do early stage, pode passar a contar com o apoio de aceleradoras. No estágio de growth/scaleup (fase de crescimento/escalar) a start up pode contar com o apoio de aceleradoras desde o início até meio do processo.

Source: Startup & Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Report | 2021

Services provided by Incubators/Accelerators

  • Coworking spaces
  • Events and networking
  • Mentor Network
  • Financial support
  • Strategic and business model support
  • Marketing and Communication Services
  • Accounting and legal services
  • Acceleration programs
  • Prototyping support





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Portuguese startup ecosystem

Portugal is an increasingly prominent destination for its quality of life, safety, climate, culture, talent and business-friendly environment,
which has been a determining factor in the creation of a dynamic and rapidly expanding startup ecosystem. 

ESNA - Europe Startup Nations Alliance

Aiming to project Europe in the global entrepreneurship panorama by supporting European startups in their assertion and competitiveness in the global market

Investor network

Investors should not be seen strictly as capital injectors in startups, but also as essential agents for the development of the idea and the business, particularly in terms of management, sales, managing to scale, access to people, and markets.

Entrepreneur support

Attracting investment, retaining talent, and empowering national entrepreneurship. 

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